10 artist's that Twisted Thread was written to

Updated: Nov 4

Whilst writing, I always play music, I find silence to be the killer of creativity. My parents would often comment when I was studying "how could I possibly concentrate with that din". But I discovered that the music created pictures in my head. So I just learnt to use the music and a bit of imagination to form a scene. All these songs help generate those images in my head; whilst writing Twisted Thread.

Madcon - Beggin

David Bowie. - Life on Mars

Take that - Could it be magic

Desireless. - Voyage Voyage

ABBA - Dancing queen

Barry Manilow - I made it through the rain /. Could it be magic

Carpenters - Rainy days and mondays

Frankie Valli & the four seasons - beggin

Les Miserables

Nigel Kennedy - Vivaldi - the four seasons

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