Happy new year 2021. And what a very strange start to this year, many of us are facing many more hours at home. Boredom and irritation of each other has to be endured. My son who should have returned to school this week is currently studying his A’levels in the kitchen. I have to be grateful that he is studying music and a very accomplished pianist he is. I am sitting here smiling as he is dancing around to “life could be a dream.” The beauty of having a son with ADHD is that life is never dull. With his intermittent outburst, whilst he chooses his eceleptic of old and new songs. He has always made me laugh ever since he was so very small. And as he undertakes his art.., maths and music he creates a unique world as quirky as him. I do believe that he has thrived during this strange period. If only we all could as carefree as him.

What ever you do find the joy xx

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